‘9 to 5: The Musical’ opens Friday

The cast: (front)  Megan Erickson, Cassie Christian, Allie Hertaus, Kenzie Kodada, Brooke Balfe, Grace Krautkremer, (second) Brandon Williams, Catherine Deutsch, Kyle Yetzer, Jeremiah Desmond, Ryan Riebel, Autumn Gare, Sophie Kaunonen, Emily Krautkremer, Abbie Krohn, Olivia Tangren, Erin Budin, and Hailey Curtis, (back) Rachael Witte,Lauren Chadderdon, Katrina Reeder, Kelly Nordling, Halla Kitsmiller, and German Ramirez. Missing from the photo is Allie Trnka. (Wade Young Photo)

“9 to 5: The Musical” is the hilarious story of friendship and revenge in the disco, rolodex and typewriter era.
The musical, which is presented by Tri-City United Schools this Friday, Saturday   night, and Sunday afternoon, tells the story of three unlikely and different friends who conspire against their egotistical and sexist boss (Jeremiah Desmond) and take control of his company. 
“9 to 5: The Musical” has music and lyrics by Dolly Parton, who also starred in the 1980 movie with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. 
Pushed to the boiling point by their boss, three female co-workers (Katrina Reeder, Autumn Gare, and Catherine Deutsch) concoct a plan to get even with the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot they call their boss. They conspire to take control of their company and learn there's nothing they can't do -- even in a man's world.
“I think everyone can relate to the topic in the show,” said Director Sarah Mejia. “Many people have had a boss that they dislike. While most of us don’t have fantasies about killing our bosses, we relate to and can laugh at that thought. And younger kids will enjoy the humor in what the three office girls do.”
Mejia said all three female leads really do a nice job as their character.
“Autumn brings a nice southern charm and country class to Doralee, while Katrina very much controls the office and the staff, but bring the dramatic side to some of her scenes as well. The character of Judy (Catherine) starts out so nervous and uncertain, but really develops as she goes along.”
In addition to the previously mentioned actors, the production also features Olivia Tangren as Kathy, office gossip, Abbey Krohn as Maria a young secretary, Allie Trnka as Roz, the company snitch, Megan Erickson as Hart’s wife, Halla Kitsmiller as Margaret, Lauren Chadderdon as a candy-striper, Grace Krautkremer as a new employee, Brandon Williams as Josh, a teen boy, Kelly Nordling as Joe, Ryan Riebel as Bob a security man, Kyle Yetzer as Richard, Judy’s husband, Marcello Garcia as Dwayne, Doralee’s husband, German Raminrez as Tinsworth, the company’s owner, Erin Budin as a detective, Rachael Witte as a female doctor, and the office work ensemble of Anna Ramsey, Grace Krautkremer, Hailey Curtis, Allie Hertaus, Cassie Christian, Brooke Balfe, Kenzie Kodada, Sophie Kaunonen, and Emily Krautkremer. 
The musical will also incorporate a live orchestra made up of pit conductor Jeff Krubsack, pianist Sandy Gallagher, dummer Don Freid, wind instrument players Anna Ramsey, Natalie Grant and Chad Bieniek, trombone player Dennis Lambrecht, trumpeters Sarah Grant and George Doyle, and keyboard bass player Austyn Menk.
The TCU Drama Department presents the show on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 15 and 16 at 7 p.m., and Sunday, Nov. 17 at 2 p.m.