20-year-old eyes, oh how I miss ye

Recently at the eye doctor, I had a humbling experience. I was getting old. I had been to the eye doctor, yet again, in an effort to get rid of my glasses.
I am very, very nearsighted, and I thought if we have technology that can track our every movement, estimate when we will die, or have phones speak to us (“Hello, Siri?”), certainly there must be technology on the eye care front that would help me get rid of my glasses.
On my most recent visit  to Goldsmith Eye Care, I practically pleaded with Dr. Tim to fix my almost-50-year-old eyes. I have tried all options. I’ve tried mono-fit contacts where one eye sees distance and one sees near. Those didn’t work, so I tried bi-focal contacts. Those didn’t work either. I have inquired about lasik but that will only fix them to what a contacts can do.
In his thoroughness, Dr. Tim gently explained that as we age, our eyes lose the ability to quickly focus. My only options were to either get contacts for distance (and wear cheaters) or near (and get a prescription pair for driving). Neither sounded appealing, but I’m trying the the distance with cheaters. It seems to be working.
He is a great doctor, and I would recommend him highly. Afterall, he couldn’t help that he was working with fossilized eyes.
I know age is just a number. I am reminded of this every time I see John Grimm  out on one of his daily runs. It doesn’t appear that he lets anything stop him from doing what he wants to do.
I shouldn’t complain either because a lot of people have worse problems than I do. I’m relatively healthy and generally feel pretty good. It’s just the eyes....

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