Better to be lucky than good…

Well, the noise I heard from my deer stand turned out to be a squirrel. Squirrels, turkeys and coyotes were all I saw after 2-1/2 days of hard hunting in southwestern Minnesota. Eugene Palma didn’t fare much better… He saw one fawn. However, on the last afternoon, as we readied to leave the woods and head home, our luck changed. A single doe, chased by gunfire from a neighbor’s woods, picked our wooded location for safety. Bad decision for her. She ended up right between us and I promptly knocked her down with a well-placed shot. We actually had to chuckle about it. Sometimes it is way better to be lucky than good at hunting. We loaded her up, registered her in town and headed home, still smiling about our luck. Apparently, others in southeastern Minnesota fared better than us as the deer harvest this year was up from last year. I did manage to bag a nice coyote from my deerstand. They are plentiful down there and I saw way too many of them during daylight hours. Back home, I exchanged my shot guns for my muzzleloader and began another season. I turned down a decent buck on opening day. I’m still not quite sure why I didn’t shoot him… Oh well. I also saw a doe, which I could not shoot. Then, I packed my gear again. My son Joe was taking me deer hunting in southern Iowa, the home of monster bucks. I’m not sure which of us was more pumped. I knew I wouldn’t sleep well on Thursday night before leaving on Friday, Nov. 30. Joe had been there several times and some of the bucks he’s taken now hang on the trophy room wall. I wrote this column before leaving on the trip. I know even if I don’t get one, I’ll still have a blast. Joe and I have not hunted together for some time. I still remember sitting with both boys when they shot their first bucks.

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