City of Lonsdale reduces developer’s contract amounts

By Wade Young

Montgomery Messenger

Work in Lonsdale’s subdevelopments continued Thursday, when the city council approved more than $795,161 in reductions to developers' contracts.

After reviewing each contract with City Engineer, Kevin Kawlewski, the council approved the amounts for work performed in the following developments:

• Lonsdale Market Place

• Willow Creek Commons

• Shadow Stone - 1st Addition

• Harvest Ponds

According to City Administrator Joel Erickson, when a development is started in the community, a letter of credit is given to the city. As work is performed, a reduction is submitted to the council.

In addition to the reductions in contract amounts, the community continued growing when the council approved the release of 10 building permits for the Rayann Acres division.

Well # 3 fails

The council approved the purchase of a pump and motor for water well # 3. Public Works Director, Russ Vlasak told the council the well failed over the weekend. He added state officials came and examined the well’s interior.

Vlasak discussed an upgrade with the council but warned the city would only be able to use until the well completely fails and becomes more expensive to repair than an upgrade.

Kawlewski said the construction of well #4 that would replace #3 has not begun yet, but when it does, construction will take approximately one year. Because of the extended time line, the council approved the purchase of the pump and motor for #13,289.

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