Congratulations to the 2013 Kolacky Royalty

Another year for our famed celebration has entered the record books, and a new royal party has joined the long list of Kolacky City Ambassadors.
Congratulations to Queen Allie Trnka, First Princess and Miss Congeniality Kayla Trcka and Second Princess Katelyn Stasney. They succeed the 2012 royalty including Queen Chelsey Skluzacek, First Princess Bailey Gare, Second Princess Kayla Malecha and Miss Congeniality Alyssa Bergs.
The 2013 festival, which was the 79th annual event, started out with some pretty cool weather Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was a beautiful fall-like day. The crowds were huge and the parade was outstanding, considered by many to be the best in recent years.
The Kolacky Capital once again threw open the gates of hospitality to visitors from far and wide — with planning already underway for the 80th celebration scheduled for July 25-27, 2014.
Vitame Vas!
• • •
Telling It Like It Is
The Minnesota Twins baseball team has been an ‘up-and-down’ club again this year, and a recent column in the Minneapolis Tribune sports pages really came out with some strong  and biting criticism of their play.
How’s this for saying it like it is: “Where’s that stench coming from? There’s a garbage incinerator next door, but that pungent odor is coming from Target Field and the Twins’ putrid, lethargic play. It’s time to stop saying the Twins are rebuilding. They’re not. They’re waiting.
“The Twins have assembled one of the worst rosters in the history of a franchise that has put together some awful ones. What’s disgusting is that a bunch of players who should feel compelled to play hard to keep their jobs and compensate for their lack of talent is capable of displaying such little professionalism.”
Don’t you wonder if that writer will be welcome in the Twins clubhouse anytime soon?
• • •
“Most people made it to the table at meal time regularly during the rationing days of World War II, and I can’t remember anyone going barefoot, or too many times doing without tires, gasoline, meat, canned goods and sugar. We accepted the rationing as something we had to do because we had a war to win.”
—Author Unknown
• • •
From the old Messenger files of 1913: 
One of our local secret societies has the following motto which it would be well for all of us to have framed and hanging in a conspicuous place in our home — “There is so much bad in the best of us, and so much good in the worst of us, it hardly behooves any of us to speak ill of the rest of us.”

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