Fall is the time to plant trees

Despite the fact leaves are changing colors and even dropping from their branches, fall is the perfect time to finish the gardening, and plant a few trees.

People love trees for their leaves, whether green in summer or red/orange in the fall; for the delicate branches that frame our view of the eternal blue or star-scattered heavens; or for their flowers which seem like giant nosegays.

We plant trees to shelter our homes from the summer sun and break us from the cold winter winds.

Now through November is the best time to transplant trees and shrubs.

You can buy trees in three ways: bare root, balled and burlapped, and container grown.

Bare root trees - Bare root plants are taken out of the ground dormant, the soil is washed off, and they're stored till the next growing season. These trees should be planted in the spring when the tree has a chance to establish a root system.

Bare root trees are the easiest to ship and the cheapest for the customer. However, they won't have any leaves till a few weeks after planting.

Balled & Burlapped Trees

Balled and burlapped trees are usually delivered to your house by a nursery. The trees are usually larger than bare root trees and more awkward to move and carry.

Container Trees & Shrubs

Balled and burlapped trees can be planted in the ground with the burlap attached because it is biodegradable. However, container trees arrive in pots and generally are more difficult to remove from the container.

For all trees, water is absolutely essential for new plants. You want to soak them for the first week to help them get established.

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