Family and fishing makes a great combination

By Bill Bartusek

It was the first cool weekend we've had in weeks as Brenda and I headed for the cabin Friday. I was really excited because some of the grandchildren were coming up. The Hankinson's and Johnson's from New Prague would be meeting us there. It was to be a lot cooler but rain was not in the forecast. It was the first time this summer that Kari, Jed and Carter Hankinson were to join us. Brian, Jodi, Riley and Grant Johnson would also be there. Jodi and Kari are my daughters. When we arrived the boys quickly stripped naked and went swimming. The air was cool but the water was still very warm. The evening ended with a nice meal and a warm campfire. The Northern Lights and meteor showers were just spectacular.

In the morning Brian, Jed and I headed out to catch some fish for the evening fish fry. As I drove the boat across the lake I detected a change. The water had been low and the weeds on every bar had been visible the past few weeks. Today they were gone. They had finally matured and had fallen down because of the warm summer, they all fell at once. The fish left with the weeds also. As we probed my good spots, strikes were few and far between. We did, however, get enough fish for the fish fry. Back at the cabin I gave my grandsons new rods and reels to fish with. We worked the dock and caught some small sunfish. The boys loved the beach and played there most of the day. Grant was always up to something and several times we stopped him from hauling loads of sand into the cabin. The boys have grown a lot and did a good job fishing. Grandpa was really proud of them. I can't wait until they come back again.

Congratulations to my son, Joe, and his partner, Joe Eklund. They won the point standing for the Thursday night bass fishing at Prior Lake for the third consecutive year. Also finishing well were Brandon and Dennis Palma. As always Brandon had the hog in his division.

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