Fire truck back in action for Kolacky Parade

A 1950 Chevrolet fire truck owned by the Montgomery Fire Department was bright and shiny for Sunday’s Kolacky Parade, and proudly transported retired firemen and others in the line of march. Some of those identified on the truck are Carly Lingsweiler, Paul and Berna Kline, Roman Malecha and Deb Kaderlik. Tom Gilhousen was the driver, with Rod Kaderlik serving as co-pilot. (Wade Young Photo)
A 1950 Chevrolet fire truck, last used for fires in the rural areas around Montgomery, came back into action for the 2013 Kolacky Day Parade on Sunday, July 28.
The truck, owned earlier by the rural association, was used until the early 1970s, when it was retired from active firefighting. The truck was sold to a man from Faribault, and according to the story, was sold at least twice more after that.
When the last owner called the Montgomery department, wondering if they would be interested in bringing it back to the Kolacky City, the purchase was made and the grand old truck returned home.
More than two years of restoration work later, with several members of the department involved in the job, and the shiny red truck was a highlight of the 2013 parade, carrying several retirees through Monty’s main street, to the delight of a huge crowd of viewers.