Friends of the Library host discount book sale

Nicole Gerhke (left), and her children, Meah and Bennett, pay for their bags of books with their grandmother, Wendy Collins (right), at the opening day of the Montgomery Area Friends of the Library Book Sale. (Wade Young Photo)


Opening the page to a new book at a fraction of the cost is easy this week with the Montgomery Area Friends of the Library annual book sale.
You can expand your reading horizons or give the gift of knowledge with big discounts on books of all genres at the sale that ends this week on Thursday.
The popular annual book sale began Saturday, April 13. The library was crowded with many book lovers, many who carried out their purchases in plastic bags. 
The books, which are only $1 to $2, are a deal for anyone. However, Thursday, the last day of the sale is the one you want to be at. Library Friend Mary Ann Holtz said this is  the “bag sale” where you can buy a full bag of books for $4. 
“We hope to attract a lot of people to come and buy bags of books,” Holtz said.
The Library is also a participant in the Ladies Night Out program that is happening on Thursday too. 
Friend Joan Ouradnik said the money raised will be applied toward magazine and newspaper subscription renewals and materials for the library.