Get ready for bass opener this weekend

By Bill Bartusek

That's right! The 2007 bass opener is here this weekend. I always look forward to the bass opener because I really have a passion for catching these fish.

A long time ago, I joined a bass club. From then on, I learned how to be a better fisherman. Also, I can't believe all the people I've met and the friends I've made because of bass fishing.

This weekend, anglers will head out looking for bass in area lakes. We have had a pretty normal spring as far as water temperatures are concerned. Most bass are either spawning, they are all done spawning or they are done spawning in our area.

I think most of the fish will be on or near inside weed lines, close to where they spawned. If they are not, you will probably find them on the first depth change out from traditional spawning areas.

Catching them shouldn't be difficult. Spawners and past spawn fish will take baits with a fairly slow presentation. I would use top-water or small, plastic baits for best results. Water is still pretty clear; keep a low profile so you don't spook the fish.

I spent this past weekend up north at the cabin with Brenda. We were joined by good friend Len Adamek of Lonsdale. Len doesn't get away for much open water fishing so he called when work gave him some slack time. Len wanted to get into some panfish while he stayed.

We headed out Saturday morning with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees. We didn't know it then, but that would be the warmest time all weekend. As the day went on, the temperatures took a nose dive. By afternoon, we were wearing snowsuits in the high winds. Sunday morning arrived with temperatures just above freezing, and the winds were howling. We headed out anyway, and to our surprise the big sunfish were eager to bite. I think Lenny actually wore out a couple of hooks. We even landed a few nice walleye between the panfish. It was a great time despite the cold and wind.

Remember, stay safe and be careful over the upcoming Memorial weekend!

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