A great escape

This year’s crazy weather has continued, due to late falling leaves followed by quickly falling temperatures.

Two weekends ago, we decided it was time to rake the leaves on my mom’s lawn. Jenny, Rob and I went to work on her back yard, where two large trees had pretty much emptied themselves all over her back yard. We put in a few hours raking leaves, loading them into the pickup and carting them off to the city compost site. After we finished the back, we looked at the front. It was starting to get dark, but we found there weren’t a lot of leaves on the ground. The tree in the front was still holding most of its leaves, and they were still green.

Last week’s heavy winds took care of the tree pretty convincingly. Rob and I took the riding mower and bagged the leaves from the front yard. It wasn’t easy, since the bagger was full after one round trip back and forth across the yard. After a couple trips to the dump, we stopped and looked at the beautiful green lawn, and compared it to the neighbor's yard, which seemed to be buried inches deep in leaves. About that time, the wind seemed to be shifting, coming from the north. It was then I realized two things. One - it could be just a matter of time and all these leaves could be on mom’s lawn. and two - The neighbor didn’t have any trees in his front yard - all of those leaves were from our tree, so I couldn’t really be mad at the neighbor for not raking.

Anyway, last weekend’s wind gave way to frigid temperatures. Things are supposed to warm up over the weekend, so we’ll probably have to finish off all the yard work and get those last piles of leaves hauled away before winter arrives.

With the snow bound to arrive soon, that might be the only benefit I can think of. However, I’m not sure whether I prefer raking or shoveling snow.

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