Homecoming candidates named

2017 WEM Homecoming Candidates, left to right: Taylor Glende, Madeline Michael, Jacob Janni, Riley Brown, Christopher Byrne, Anamika Kanne, Adam Rients, Nicole Nuetzman, Blake Atherton, and Hailie Tegmeier.

The 2017 WEM Homecoming Candidates were chosen Sept. 13. The seniors chosen included queen candidates Riley Brown, Anamika Kanne, Madeline Michael, Nicole Nuetzman, Hailie Tegmeier, and king candidates Blake Atherton, Christopher Byrne, Taylor Glende, Jacob Janni, and Adam Rients. The annual Homecoming coronation will be held Monday, Sept. 25 at 7:30 p.m. in Waterville. For more on the candidates and Homecoming activities, check out the Sept. 21 edition of the LIFE/Enterprise.