Ice conditions improve a little

By Bill Bartusek

Well, we finally got a sample of days with some colder nights. This has improved ice conditions just a bit in some areas. People are actually driving on area lakes with full-sized vehicles. This isn’t the case everywhere, so you still must be cautious, especially in areas that are new to you. Ask around before just driving out.

In local lakes, the walleye fishing has really slowed down. Panfish are still pretty active and that is what most people are seeking. Most area lakes have average populations of panfish so there is a wide amount of lakes to choose from. A few lakes are producing some nice-sized fish at this time. Spring Lake probably has the nicest sunfish in the New Prague area. For crappies, French Lake or Lake Mazaska near Faribault. For larger fish like walleye, people will have to travel a bit. Lakes like Mille Lacs, and Lake of the Woods are still fishing pretty well.

I just want to mention a bit about our songbirds. It is definitely the time of year to keep you bird feeders full. This is especially true if you have been feeding them all along. They are accustomed to the feed and really need this extra energy from now until spring. Of course, they are fun to watch as they come to eat.

For our feathered friends in the fields, this winter hasn’t been too bad. So far we haven’t had any freezing rains in our area. The pheasants and turkeys are able to scratch through the snow and find plenty to eat. Hopefully the mild winter will continue and our wild friends won’t’ have a hard time surviving.

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