Ice fishing season nearing the end

What a difference a week can make at this time of year.

A little warm weather and some rain, and most of the snow has disappeared. Of course our streams are now almost over the banks. It looks like this will continue, except for a short set back last Monday which cooled off a bit.

Anglers were able to get out and test the ice and fishing in the New Prague area. Ice for the most part was thick and in pretty good shape. There were a few shorelines where runoff had eroded it. The fishing was pretty good too! Anglers checked out several lakes over the past week and found fish eager to bite almost every time. This is that time of year where you can enjoy upper 40 degree temperatures while sitting on the ice fishing.

How long this will last no one knows. It just depends how warm and how fast spring shows up. Up north, it's a different story. There's still a lot of snow on the lakes and plenty of ice. As more reports come in this week we'll all get an update on conditions. I'm sure the ice will be around for awhile. Again, it will depend if the shorelines hold up from all the run off.

Many times in spring the ice is fine but you can't get to it from shore. I used to put out a plank or push a boat out to the ice, but I'm past that age.

I will head north this weekend to check on the cabin as well as ice conditions. There are a few things to repair before ice out. So, I must attend to that quickly. We all know that April precedes May and open water will be here soon. It just seems to take forever in our minds, especially after quite a few months of cold weather.

Think Spring!

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