Joint meeting covers city’s parks and trails

New Prague recently took a step toward future plans for its parks, trails and recreation in the area. The city’s Park Board and Planning Commission held a joint meeting on Tuesday, July 16, in which the two received an update on the city’s comprehensive plan for its parks, trails and recreation.

City Planning Director Ken Ondich explained work on the comprehensive plan’s section on parks has been going on since February of this year. After the presentation there was a public hearing, but there was no comment.

Joanne Foust of Municipal Development Group, Inc. presented the update on the parks. She noted while this section is part of the comprehensive plan it "does not need to stay static" for the next 10 years. It can be updated as city parks change.

The chapter on parks would provide a framework for how the community will carry out planning for parks, trails and recreation. This includes the future property acquisition, development and preservation of parks and recognizing and planning for the lifecycle of parks. It also requires planning for growth in the community. Foust said the city’s current population is approximately 7,300 and projections have that New Prague will grow by an additional 2,400 people by 2020.

There are 11 key components for the chapter, which are:

• Park Classification

• Inventory of existing park facilities

• Existing and future park facility needs

• Recreational facility standards

• Existing trails and pedestrian ways

• Proposed future trails and pedestrian ways

• Recreation and fitness

• Community input

• Administration, maintenance and operations

• Financial resources

• Recommended goals and policies

The various subjects covered by these components ranged from how there are neighborhood to community parks to recreational programs offered through Community Education and local sports organizations.

The park board approved a motion for the New Prague City Council to accept the chapter on parks and the planning commission recommended the council approve the chapter.