A journey begins

“A journey begins not with the first step, but with the desire to go where you have never gone.” —NPHS Class of 2013 motto

Each year at this time, countless high school students begin the next step on the journey of their lives. Some have specific goals on where this journey will take them. Some will achieve those goals, some will have roadblocks before them that they cannot, or choose not to overcome. Others will make changes along the journey, choosing to find a different destination, or perhaps finding a different path to lead them to their goal.

Members of the Class of 2013 are embarking on their journeys in a world that is significantly different from the ones their parents found when they started on their journeys. Indeed, it is significantly different from the world they found when they started kindergarten in the fall of 2000.

During the course of their journey through the school system they have adapted to the many changes in technology, in culture and in other aspects of the world - more so than perhaps any generation. This group of students have few memories of what the world was like before the war on terror. They take modern conveniences like personal computers and Smartphones for granted.

And now, a generation that has learned to adapt to change is ready to make a big change - a move away from the safety and security of their families and their homes, toward the uncertainty - and change - that awaits them as they begin their journey. Godspeed to the Class of 2013.