The joy of giving


About a week ago, I decided I’d set my expectations low this year. I vowed not to run crazy looking for the “perfect” gifts for those on my Christmas list, then end up with anything but. After all, Christmas is about spending time with family and taking in the joy of the holiday, right? Yeah, my kids aren’t buying that line either.

So, I’m doing what I do every year: Searching high and low for unique, “cool” gifts that will cause the recipient to light up and regale about how they would have never thought of such a great gift idea. So far, though, I’m not thrilled with many of my finds for the kids, so gift cards it is. I did, however, find some interesting ideas that I may use for my those I’m buying for on my side of the family. And since they all live in Michigan, I thought I’d share them:  

Gifts for Women over 30:

Best: Just about anything that’s an “…of the month” club. It seems women love to get gifts throughout the year, and now there are clubs that will deliver for even 3 or 6 months if 12 months aren’t affordable. And the choices are endless. You can choose from food to movies to Teddy bears. And if you still can’t decide, you can sign up for the “Variety” package and mix it up. If you’re good with a calendar and sticking to a schedule, I say why not send the item yourself each month? 

This is why gift subscriptions to the Messenger are so popular each year. It’s the gift of the week club, and many subscribers have been gifting the Messenger to friends and family for years!

Worst: A shower gel dispenser that sticks to your shower wall in the shape of a giant nose. Nothing gets your day going like shower gel squirted from the nostrils of your very own giant nose. No thank you. Unless it’s for a gag gift party, this one stinks.

A Possibility: Awkward Family Photos Board Game. Not sure how to play it, but it sounds hilarious –– as long as I get to choose the photos. And once again - why not make up your own? If you have a lot of awkward photos hanging around (and who doesn’t?), this could be a riot. Or, your sister may never speak to you again. That’s why it’s a possibility and should come with the disclaimer: Based on family sensitivity to humiliation.

For men, well I’ll be honest, I really couldn’t find anything that wasn’t ordinary –– like ties, movies, electronic devices. But after some thought, I could see my brother really getting a kick out of that giant nose! And that would be great payback for that time in high school when he wrapped one of my Pat Benatar CDs, then earnestly “gave” it to me for Christmas. Ahhh, now I’m feeling the joy of Christmas...

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