Just one more week

By Chuck Kajer

It’s the time of year many parents long for and most youngsters dread. The opening of the school year.

After enjoying three months of freedom from assignments, required reading, tests and quizzes, students in New Prague, along with most schools in the state, will head back to the classroom on Thursday, Sept. 1.

Students will spend the next nine months learning lessons, perfecting skills and learning to achieve. They’ll do so in the classroom, whether it’s perfecting their penmanship, reading and being able to discuss a poem, short story or book, writing a paper on President Andrew Jackson, acing a math test, learning to play a musical instrument or completing a project in art class, students will learn.

Parents can learn too. They can, and should take an interest in their child’s education. Schools have meet the teacher nights before the school year, which give them a chance to come into the school and get acquainted with the teacher or teachers who will be guiding their son or daughter through the coming school year. Studies have shown that parental involvement in a child’s education plays a big factor in how a student does in school. A parent who stays involved and informed not only makes it easier for their children, but it also makes it easier for the teacher.

Students will also learn outside of the regular school day. Many will learn valuable lessons of teamwork, role playing and cooperation as a member of an athletic team, a participant in a school play or other activity. They will learn the value of service to others through membership in organizations like the National Honor Society or the Student Council.

Administrators, parents, teachers, students and non-teaching school staff members all contribute to the success of the school. Everyone has a role to play. New Prague has a reputation of excellence in its education, and that’s due in many ways to the fact that each of these five groups of people work together. Good luck to all as another year begins.

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