Keeping the spirit alive

The Christmas season is over and people are getting back to their normal routines, going about living their lives and dealing with every day problems.

There’s no doubt the holidays can keep us busy, but it seems there is always some down time, some time to relax with friends or family and reflect on what we have that’s good in our lives. Now that we’ve gotten back to our routines, it’s important to keep these good things in mind. People need balance in their lives. If not, if people become absorbed in their problems, those problems seem to multiply.

The holidays are also a time for charity. Many worthy causes that benefit from the giving spirit of the season. But while giving does increase late in the year, the need remains once the new year begins. Don’t forget these causes - especially the smaller, local charities - that rely on their friends and neighbors to help them sustain their missions. Much has been written about the tax law changes taking away the incentive to give to charity, but true charity is giving without a financial incentive or reward. Just because the season is over, doesn’t mean the spirit of the season needs to go away.

Peace on Earth, Good Will to All.

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