The Kolacky Has Magical Powers

Montgomery’s Kolacky Day was named to pay homage to the glorified fruit-filled bun, the famous Kolacky! 
If our historical records are correct, it started out way back  in 1929 as a day to celebrate the end of the harvest season, and has grown to become one of the oldest and well known community festivals in Minnesota and beyond.
What gives the Kolacky such magical power over people from far and wide who have the festival weekend on their calendars each year? Only that little bun would know, but we have heard that some people who live right in the Kolacky Kapitol and surrounding area don’t even particularly care for the pastry, whatever flavor you put inside, and certainly wouldn’t call it a delicacy. 
The magic can’t possibly be in the refreshments consumed by many people, because those liquid ‘goodies’ are available everywhere.
Maybe it’s because Montgomery is known for the Jolly Green Giant, and is a friendly small town with an awesome festival program for all to enjoy near the end of July.
Whatever it is (no solid answer provided here) there are people who plan their vacation so they won’t miss that special weekend. And it is a great time for people to get together, and others to work behind the scenes to help make it happen (it does take tons of people to put on a festival this size, with many activities for young and old), and see old friends and relatives who make it a point to come ‘home’ for K-Days!
That said, the 79th annual Kolacky Weekend is on the  immediate horizon (July 26-27-28), when this community opens its gates and welcomes one and all for the festivities.
Our wish is that everyone has a fun and safe time in Montgomery!
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How’s this as a great quote, found in a cartoon some time ago: “The nightly news is heavy and gives you a sinking feeling. That’s why the host is called an ‘anchor.’”
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“Influence is what you think you have until you try to use it.”

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