Learning the “boarding” basics

Jake Murphy, fourth from left, and Eric Lewy, fourth from right, explain how to do some tricks during the Skateboarding Camp. The two are from Sports Unlimited and taught about 13 youths from ages 6 to 12 the basics of skateboarding. The camp was held Monday, Aug. 5, to Thursday, Aug. 8. To see more photos click on the Blue Button, lower right. (Patrick Fisher Photo)

"We’re teaching them how to skateboard the right way," said Eric Lewy on Wednesday, Aug. 7, at the Skateboarding Camp in Elko New Market.

            Lewy and Jake Murphy of Sports Unlimited Skateboarding were teaching the various skills for the sport to about 13 youths ages 6 to 12. The camp was done through New Prague Area Community Education and was held Monday, Aug. 5, through Thursday, Aug 8.

            "We’re teaching the basics and the fundamentals of skateboarding," said Murphy. "Most of the kids are on the same level so it’s easy to keep them occupied."

            The two were encouraging safety and giving pointers of how to do various tricks on the ‘boards. The lessons included balance, coordination, stopping, turning, an ollie, nollie, heelflip and kickflip.

            For three hours each morning of the camp the skateboard area in Wagner Park was busy as the youths learned and then tried the different tricks. The skateboard area opened in 2006 and is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

            The young skateboarders came from surrounding communities including New Prague, Elko New Market, Lonsdale and Farmington.