Let’s call this John’s Jottings, Keohen’s Korn, or you name it!

No serious words of wisdom or thought-provoking ideas this week, just some rambling thoughts and musings covering a wide range of interests.
A scary thought, to be sure, that 13 people were killed in the Washington Navy Yard shooting rampage. It was the deadliest shooting on a military installation in the United States since the tragedy at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009. The AP news report said “The onslaught at the highly secure Navy Yard unfolded about 8:20 a.m. in the heart of the nation’s capital, less than four miles from the White House and two miles from the Capitol.” Did you catch that—the highly secure Navy Yard! If we consider that installation highly secure, what chance do we have when someone goes off the deep end and decides to kill people?
Congrats to Kilkenny for hosting the first annual Half-Way to St. Paddy’s Day Community Celebration. Not only did the promoters host the day itself, but also welcomed Martin Brett, Mayor of Kilkenny, Ireland. According to Kilkenny, Minn. Mayor Kevin Taaffe, the two Kilkennys have formed a “Twinning Agreement,” acknowledging the cities’ friendship and desire to promote each other. We understand the big day was a huge success and well attended, putting the small community south of Montgomery on the map—with an Irish celebration for one and all to enjoy!
The Titan football squad is putting itself on the state athletic map with some impressive victories in the Minnesota River Conference. The team opened the season with a big win over always-tough Waterville-Elysian-Morristown, and has rolled  over everyone else to date. It’s great to see the combined squad from Montgomery-Lonsdale-Le Center doing so well, and in a way brings back memories of years-gone-by, when Redbirds and Wildcats dominated in many areas of competistion. Congrats—and good luck Titans!
Fireworks — Followed By Sadness. The Homecoming Football Game Friday night featured a huge crowd, a wonderful fireworks show, and another big victory by the Titans. But unfortunately, the celebration  turned to sadness when it was learned that four people, two from Montgomery and two from Le Center, died in a  tragic vehicle accident west of town. Words alone are not enough to relieve the shock and grief the families and friends of the victims are experiencing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of them as they deal with these difficult situations.
Here we go again, as our two political parties in Washington keep beating on each other and can’t seem to settle their differences, leading to another possible government shutdown this week. We are led to believe that these are educated individuals who we elected to represent us, but once again we are having our doubts about their tunnel vision because of partisan politics. Lets hope things get worked out for the betterment of our country, since that’s why we elected our congressional leaders!
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“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves and, under a just God, cannot long retain it.”—Abraham Lincoln

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