Let There Be Light — And Sunshine!


We are sure that most people are tired of hearing about the weather — and certainly tired of the never-ending long winter we have experienced, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. And we mean that, literally!
Isn’t it absolutely wonderful when the sun comes shining through the clouds, with its magical powers of improving the moods of people, who can really become quite unhappy, depressed and moody during long periods of overcast conditions.
There is a growing interest in the role that light plays on human health.
Scientists have concluded that light does more than just affect the visual system. The definition of light should be expanded to include optical radiation entering the eye that affects the behavioral and endocrine systems.
Recent research has shown that light can alleviate seasonal depression, can increase the length and quality of sleep, can consolidate sleep/activity patterns in Alzheimer’s disease patients, can improve the performance of night shift workers, can improve weight gain in premature infants, and regulates melatonin, which has been shown to reduce breast cancer growth in animals, and has a direct impact on brain activity.
Studies such as these represent only a portion of the important scientific findings that raise questions about the health impact of lighting used in offices, schools and homes.
Food for thought?
Tragedy Beyond Belief!
It is virtually impossible for anyone to comprehend the purpose behind the horrific tragedy at the Boston Marathon last week. Why some sick individual(s) would cause that kind of destruction, with obvious intentions of killing or injuring people, is beyond our scope of understanding. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all the victims, with the sincere hope that justice will be done and some explanation is forthcoming.
The same words of comfort can be said for the victims of the terrible explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, TX. Recovery will be difficult, but hopefully the great American tradition of support and strength will live on! 
Teaser of the Week
By Helen Steiner Rice
After the clouds, 
the sunshine,
After the winter,
the spring,
After the shower,
the rainbow—
For life is 
a changeable thing.
Today, search for the
rainbows that are
present in life.

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