Letters to the Editor - St Wenceslaus Seventh and Eighth Graders

Editor’s note: Ann Christy’s seventh and eight grade religion students at St. Wenceslaus School were recently given an assignment to write a letter to the editor. The students picked a variety of subjects to write about, with several writing about the recent Cardboard City project they took part in to raise awareness for homelessness.

To the Editor: We would like people to do more for the homeless, like donating, volunteering, and raising awareness. The eighth and seventh graders at St. Wenceslaus School attempted to raise awareness through something called Cardboard Box City. We slept outside in cardboard boxes in singledigit weather. We would like others to do things like this to help the homeless, who are in need of warm clothes this winter. Our point is to tell you that we need to be more aware of homeless people, because they need our help. It is not hard to help; every penny you give will help someone in need. Remember, homeless people are people.

Andrew Scheiber, Christian Gage and Jack Siegle, 8th graders St. Wenceslaus School

To the Editor: I think that abortion is wrong, because innocent babies are dying everyday. Abortion has killed onethird of my generation. This one-third could have done great things for our world. Research suggests that 40 to 60 percent of women who have abortions regret it. Would you like to live with the guilt? Abortion is not the right answer. It ends the miracle of life. Everyone deserves the right to live.

Chloe Coldagelli, 8th Grade, St. Wenceslaus School

To the Editor: The danger of civilians violating the 'No Passing' zone law by the New Prague Library is more extreme then townspeople realize. When drivers pass other drivers while in the 'No Passing' zone, it greatly increases the risk of a crash and endangers pedestrians. Library patrons may be engrossed in a new book and lose awareness of vehicle activity before them. If people stay in the correct lane, accidents can be avoided and the road can be a safer place.

Christof Barrier and Eric Chromy, 8th Grader St. Wenceslaus School

To the Editor: I would like to continue to help build awareness of homelessness. It is a huge problem in this world, even in the small community of New Prague. A couple weeks ago, the 7th and 8th graders of St. Wenceslaus School, including me, participated in Cardboard Box City. We raised money for the Salvation Army. We then made cardboard boxes to sleep in and put them outside on our school lawn to sleep in throughout the night. It made me so grateful for what I have, because homeless people have to sleep outside no matter what the weather is like. It was difficult for me to sleep outside for just one night. I think the problem should be addressed, because it is a problem.

Ellie Beatrez 8th Grade St. Wenceslaus School

To the Editor: Homelessness is a big problem. In our world today about 1.6 million people are living on the streets and in their cars. I think that it is physically impossible to stop all homelessness, but we can start in our towns. We can donate to charities such as Caring and Sharing Hands. Also, we need to keep in mind all that we have that they don't. Life for homeless people is much harder than we can imagine. Many of them die of disease or frostbite. The only shelter for them is under bridges and in cardboard boxes. There are many homeless shelters for them to sleep in, but not enough. We need to help them. Basically I am stating that we must be aware of this worldwide problem and work together to help out. Starting nearby us, we can become one by donating or volunteering to help those who are suffering because of homelessness. Everyone needs a home and others to depend on. By reaching out, we can change our world today.

Grace Lockhart, 8th grader St. Wenceslaus School

To the Editor: I think U.S. military personnel should earn more money. Active soldiers earn around $17,604 a year. If soldiers are risking their lives for our country, they deserve more. They are earning $2000 dollars more a year than someone working minimum wage, 40 hours a week. When they are in action they are working 24/7 defending the country and surviving. Also if soldiers got paid more, the poor could join the army and have money. More people would join, and we would have a stronger military. I read a quote on the Internet that said, " Only in America does a person with a helmet defending an end zone get paid more than a person with a helmet defending our country."

Kyle Schoenbauer, 8th grade St.Wenceslaus School

To the editor: I am a 12-year-old seventh grader from New Prague. Last spring I went through hunter’s safety and this fall was my first year of hunting where I could carry my own gun. I enjoy playing video games, some that include guns. I was upset and sad when I heard about the shooting in Connecticut. I think the adults were very brave when they tried to protect the kids. They all must have been very scared. I think about how they got up and went to school just like any other day. How they were looking forward to Christmas and getting time off to spend with their families. Getting ready for all the things we do weeks before Christmas, shopping, wrapping, concerts. I cannot understand why someone would do something like this, go in and kill all those innocent people. I do not know if he was bullied or picked on. It did not give him the right to do what he did. By killing himself he ended it, but it left so many unanswered questions. He had the time to think about what he was doing and to change his mind after he killed his mom, but he went ahead and did it anyway. He must have had a lot of anger in him. I first heard about it at school, when I got home my mom was listening to it on the radio. We have prayed for the families both at home and in church. Their lives will never be the same. The sadness that they feel will always be there. I do not like the idea of having armed guards at school or teachers that have guns. This would just scare the younger kids and make the older ones used to it. I don’t know if having new gun laws is the answer either. We all know killing is wrong, and that we need to treat each other with respect. We need to work on this first and then maybe our world and children will be safer.

Garret Runyon Grade 7 Saint Wenceslaus School

To the Editor: There is so much publicity about guns killing people, children, and animals. The fact of the matter is, that guns don't kill people, children, or animals, but other careless people kill. Many people think that getting rid of guns is the answer, but they fail to realize is that there are honest, hardworking, trustworthy Americans who use guns to gather food or to protect their families and themselves. What many people tend to forget is that even with guns being illegal, criminals will still find a way to purchase and sell guns which will make robbing a family a lot easier when they have nothing to defend themselves with. A better solution to this problem is make gun laws stricter and making it harder to purchase a gun license, like you can't have a criminal record. That is my idea on how to stop major tragedies.

Charlie Flicek, 8th grade St Wenceslaus School

To the Editor: Scott County has a homelessness problem. I believe that we need to raise awareness of this. The 7th and 8th graders of St. Wenceslaus School showed the community, a great example of that. On the night of December 20, we all slept outside in cardboard boxes and went to school the next day. Research suggests that around 2,298 people are homeless in Scott County. Some of them are kids like us who still have to go to school the next day. It was really hard to sleep that night. We had layers and layers of clothing, and I was still freezing. Plus, we had a warm building to go into if we got too cold. The homeless may have only one layer and no warm building to seek refuge. I can hardly imagine how cold they are every night. I think that it is important for everyone to know about this problem. Some people don't even know that there are homeless people in New Prague. I believe that we can make a difference.

Linsey Hoffman, 8th Grader St. Wenceslaus School

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