Montgomery woman faces four felony drug charges


Selling illegal drugs in Montgomery has resulted in four felony charges and a gross misdemeanor for child endangerment for one Montgomery woman.
Tammy Marchen, 46, is scheduled to make her first appearance in Le Sueur County court on May 14 on four felony charges for selling drugs on January 24, February 8 (twice) and February 13. The child endangerment was charged on January 1, 2013. 
According to Le Sueur Court records, investigators for the sheriff’s office became aware of Marchen’s alleged crimes on January 24, 2013, when Le Sueur  Investigator Bruce Collins met with a “confidential informant” who gave them information on Marchen selling controlled substances in Montgomery. The informant said they had been able to buy marijuana from Marchen at her home on the block of Third Street Northeast in the past. The informant added that Marchen’s son, Austin Miller, 19, who lives with her, is also involved in selling drugs.
Investigators queried the county’s data base and discovered that there has been three reports involving Marchen and controlled substances, and two with Miller,  over the past five years, as well as several anonymous and unsubstantiated reports about controlled substance issues at the residence.
The charges come from multiple occasions where the county conducted controlled purchases of the drugs. With the informant’s help, the county purchased 4.7 grams of marijuana, 2.7 grams of marijuana (on two separate occasions), and five Vicodin tablets, which are considered a Schedule III controlled substance.
On February 12, 2013, County Sheriff officers, investigators and Montgomery Police officers, executed a search warrant to search Marchen’s house. The officers were also accompanied by a child protection specialist, due to the fact that Marchen has a nine-year-old son who also lives at the residence.
While Marchen was being arrested, officials performed  a search of the residence for drugs. During the search, officers escorted Miller to the basement where he admitted that he is “somewhat aware that Marchen is selling prescription drugs and marijuana, and that he smokes it. County complaints of the conversation also included , “that he said he has tried speaking to her about dealing; he wants it to stop but she’s not going to listen to him.”
Some of the items inventoried during the basement and Marchen’s bedroom search, included baggies if loose prescription pills, marijuana, measuring scales, butane torch, fuel, loose pills on a dining room desk, marijuana smoking pipes, glass methamphetamine smoking pipe, four straws consistent with meth smokers and .80 grams of meth, among other paraphernalia.
In Marchen’s purse, officers found a white plastic container with marijuana, a red marijuana grinder, and a plastic baggy with 29 white/beige pills, a marijuana smoking pipe (one hitter), a cigarette bag with white pills, and six Vicodin pills and 10 Percocet, which is a schedule II controlled substance. Officers explained to her that they were not in properly marked prescription bottles and that they were being seized as evidence.
County officials also met with specialist Victor Atherton who had spoken to Marchen’s nine-year-old son. According to county records, the youth said he knew his mom and brother sold drugs. 
“He observed the deals being done at front door and one time Miller got ripped off while he was sitting there. A person grabbed the dope (marijuana) from Miller’s hand and punched him in the face then ran off.” 
The youth also indicated that he sleeps in the same room as his mom and knows she keeps her drugs in there. (Methamphetamine and marijuana were present in the same room within reach of access to the youth.)
Marchen was put through the booking process and released. She was then told she would receive a formal complaint when to appear in court.
If convicted, Marchen could face up to 15 years in jail and/or a $100,000 fine for one felony, and five years in jail and/or $10,000 fine for each of the other three felonies, as well as one year in jail and/or a $3,000 fine for the child endangerment charge.
Miller was also charged on February 13 with two petty misdemeanor charges for the possesion of drugs and drug paraphernalia. He was convicted on both counts on March 27, 2013. 
He was also convicted on the same charge on May 9, 2012 and paid the required fines.

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