No snow day make-up needed -- for students


Students at Tri-City United Schools will not have to make up their third and fourth snow days, according to Superintendent Matt Helgerson. However, the teachers will.
On Monday, April 22, during a snowstorm outside and the threat of another snow day, the Board of Education for TCU schools unanimously approved the April 11 snow day to be made up by teaching staff only. Helgerson could not add the April 19 snow day to the agenda that had already been posted, but recommended that day be made up by the teachers only. In a work session that followed the meeting, Helgerson referenced a letter sent to parents explaining the required number of student hours and how contracts dictate the number of days teachers must work.
He said students still have a few makeup hours available after the April 11 and 19 snow days, however the teaching staff will need to make up those days, or 16 hours. He talked about different summer options for them to make up the hours, and said it must be done before the end of the school’s calendar on June 30. He emphasized that the makeup time be structured and used constructively.
Board member Marsha Franek asked what would happen if some don’t make up the hours. 
Helgerson replied that it is required. “There is no choice but to do it,” he said.
Like everyone is feeling, Helgerson called this spring, “tough” and added that he will address how the teachers make up the hours at the May board meeting.

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