NPHS debuts new play ‘The Assembly’ for One-Act

Mazee (Aimee Ilkka), left, and Heather (Angela Schoenbauer), right, find their conversation interrupted by Gordon (Ian Hanson) during a scene from "The Assembly" on Tuesday, Jan. 2. (Patrick Fisher Photo)

New Prague High School will be debuting “The Assembly” by Lauren Anderson for its one-act play. Director Ben Thietje said, “(It’s) a brand new play -- in fact, we are the first group to perform it.”

He explained “The Assembly” follows a group of high school girls who are required to attend a female empowerment assembly at the end of the school day. “It's a comedy, but it also doesn't shy away from tackling some important feminist issues,” said Thietje. He added, due to the subject matter, the show is appropriate for middle school students and older.

Like many writers of past plays for the one-act, Anderson is from the Twin Cities area. She is a writer and performer at the Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis, which has been entertaining audiences since 1958.

The cast has been practicing the play since November 27 and Thietje said rehearsals are going well so far. As with most of their one-acts, the students are keeping the set very simplistic with a few chairs and a couple of tables.

“I've got a very strong group of student actors, and they are diving in to the material headfirst,” said Thietje.

The cast includes...

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