Only 34 days ‘til Christmas

There are only 34 days left until Christmas, and that means people will be busy doing their holiday shopping over the next five weeks.

New Prague area businesses, just like their big city counterparts, count heavily on sales during the holiday season to help keep them in the black for the year.

Between now and December 25, and of course, in the after-Christmas shopping season, you’ll be inundated with advertisements from stores and shops urging you to spend your money with them.

We urge that when you are preparing to spend your money for gifts, decorations or food for your holiday feasts, you give strong consideration to shopping locally.

We’re not going to insist that you do all your shopping in town, but we do ask you to keep in mind that there are many items that can be purchased locally. You don’t need to go to the Big Box stores in the larger communities. Most of what you need is right here in New Prague, and usually at a competitive price. Give your local stores a chance when doing your shopping.

Why should you shop locally? The store owners and the store employees are your neighbors. They are the same people you see in church, at community gatherings or walking along the streets.

These are the people who donate to local causes, help fund local youth activities and are there when you need them.

It’s all in the spirit of community. Studies show that money spent locally pass through the community up to seven times. We urge you to do your part for the community and support local businesses during the holiday season.

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