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There’s a lot going on these days. Spring is (supposedly) here, and the weather reports are beginning to show some promise that warm weather might be on its way.

At this time last year, New Prague Trojan spring sports were well underway. This year, they’ve been unable to consistently practice outdoors and baseball and softball games and track meets have already been postponed. All the good karma that activities director Brad Skogerboe had been collecting over the past year is coming back to haunt him. If this weather keeps up, he’ll be spending a lot of time rescheduling.

In the meantime, make sure to check next week’s paper for our annual Spring Sports Section, with photos and previews on each of the Trojan teams.

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The New Prague Fire Department will be holding its annual Dance and Drill on Saturday. The event is one of the longest-standing traditions in New Prague, dating back 125 years.

One part of that tradition I recall from my childhood was a few weeks before the event, you would hear the fire truck sirens going off all throughout town. The firemen would go throughout town, from neighborhood to neighborhood, selling tickets to the dance door-to-door. As young kids, it was always an exciting evening following the trucks around town. That part of the tradition has disappeared, though, as the tickets are now mailed out to everyone in town.

* * * * *

Opening day of the baseball season was Monday. The Twins lost their opener 4-2, but overall played well. To be a baseball fan in spring is to be an optimist. I’m hoping that the Twins can turn things around and win their share of games this year.

The last two years my son Josh, who has a partial season ticket package, has taken me to the Twins home opener. This year that honor went to his girlfriend. I guess I now know where I stand, although to be honest, I couldn’t have gone anyway this year. So it’s just as well. At least he offered me tickets for another game, which I also had to turn down. I’m thinking I’m going to wait for the warmer weather we’re supposed to be getting in the near future.

* * * * *

Another sign of spring is our local amateur baseball teams are getting ready for the season. The Dakota-Rice- Scott League is scheduled to start in late April. We will also be doing a preview of the DR- S season later this month.

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