To the retiring teachers… Thanks!

By Chuck Kajer

Last week an event was held to honor seven people who have dedicated much of their adult lives to bettering the fate of the youth of New Prague.

These seven people made it their lives’ work to teach the children of New Prague Area Schools. Whether it was at the elementary level, middle school or in the high school, they were called to teach and to help shape the lives of New Prague’s youth.

Teaching is often a much-maligned profession — There’s an old saying, those who can, do, those who can’t, teach. Jokes are made about a full-time job with the summers off.

These jokes and comments miss the mark. These teachers are professionals who have earned a college degree and been hired based on merit. In order to keep their certification, teachers take evening classes and spend their summers off taking additional classes in order to better learn the techniques and methods of their profession. And their job is one of the most important in the community: to help children learn about life and prepare them to be productive members of society.

The seven teachers who were honored at a retirement reception last week collectively taught for more than 200 years. Countless students have benefited from the efforts of these teachers.

To Peg Anzelc, Don Dvorak, Rick Frykman, Kevin Kreger, Bill Silliman, Sue Stoddard and Sandy Wadsworth—this community owes you a big thank you. Thanks for sharing your lives with so many youngsters. Thanks for helping students of all abilities. Thanks for helping shape the lives of the future. You will be missed.

May your retirement be as rewarding as your teaching careers were.

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