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The New Prague Area School Board recently completed an assessment of its security and emergency procedures. While some parts of the assessment went well, there are others that are in need of updating or change.

Since last December’s shooting rampage in Connecticut, schools across the country have been reviewing their procedures. The need to make changes became even more evident following three incidents earlier this year that caused a lockdown in the local schools; two bomb threats and a false report of a school shooting.

The district learned a lot from those three lockdowns and has already implemented some changes, but more will need to be made. Some of these changes will involve installation of a vestibule in some of the schools, restricting admission into the building. Those entering the building will need to identify themselves before being admitted.

It may seem extreme to some people, but given what we’ve learned about school shootings and other incidents, the district really has no choice. The alternative leaves the district open to liability issues.

It’s sad that we have to take such extreme measures, but in the long run, it’s really a small price to pay. Our children are our future, and we must do everything we can to keep them in a safe school environment. While no measure is 100 percent foolproof, the district is doing what it can to keep our children secure.

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