Summer’s nearing an end, but fishing is still good

By Bill Bartusek

By the time you read this article we will be just a week away from September. I can't believe summer is almost over.

Fishing is still good and going strong but soon some of us will trade our rods for our guns. The first early hunt is September 3. It's the early goose season. As in the past it will be a good one. The geese have had another banner year and their numbers are high. There will be some changes in the hunt giving us a little more advantage in the hunt. I would recommend reading up on the rules if you plan to hunt. In the meantime I'm going to be fishing. The fish this time of year have started to bulk up. This is probably the heaviest they will be other than right before spawning. They are very strong and really put on a good show when you hook one. Fishing will be a bit easier as summer weeds are leaving and the more fishable fall weeds appear.

I know there will be a big change at the lake our cabin is on. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the new weeds develop. I'm sure it will be like fishing a new lake. As weather cools so will the water, especially on smaller lakes. The big fish that went deep will also start to show up. I'm looking forward to that.

I also know the dock season ends for us in late October. I don't look forward to that. The summer was great but went too fast. I'm hoping the warm weather will linger and summer weather reaches well into the fall. In the meantime lets enjoy what we have and hope good weather holds.

Congratulations Dennis and Brandon Palma for a second place finish at Lake Francis last weekend. They also had the big fish. Dennis finally got one. Way to go!!

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