TCU hires principal support for Le Center and raises sub. pay

The Tri-City United School Board approved an increase in pay for its substitute teachers at a special meeting on Monday, Aug. 26.
At a board meeting earlier in August, the board reviewed comparisons in substitute pay information presented by Payroll and HR Specialist Debbie Stasney.  The information showed that TCU’s daily rate is $95 a day or $13.57 an hour, then increases after 10 days and 30 days of subbing. The top out pay is $105 a day or  $15 a hour.
The information also showed that in New Prague and Jordan Districts, subs are paid a flat $110 a day or $55 for a half of a day. Le Sueur-Henderson has tiered rate similar to TCU’s, but the pay tops out at $130 after 20 days.
Stasney’s information showed that TCU subs reach the $105 mark, however that is “reset” at the beginning of the pay scale each school year.
With the goal of attracting and maintaining quality teacher substitutes, the board approved a flat rate of pay at $105 a day on Monday. 
Superintendent Teri Preisler added that the flat rate would also be easier to track and encouraged the board to review the substitute data when the district adjusts its budget in January.
Board member Amy Barnett reminded the board of discussion of possibly hiring a permanent substitute teacher. However, Preisler said this type of employee is normally hired in much larger districts than TCU, and that those costs would have to be determined. 
Le Center Administrative Support
The board also hired temporary administrative support for Le Center Elementary/Middle School Principal Dave Dooley who is taking care of cardiovascular health concerns. 
The board hired Sharon Fitch for 128 hours at the pay rate of $6,044. 
Preisler said Dooley is looking at 32 to 36 afternoon cardio rehabilitative sessions, several times a week. The board supported Dooley’s medical requirements, but stressed the importance of having a leader in the Le Center building.
“We can’t go without having a building principal there three times a week,” Preisler said.
Fitch, who is a retired principal and familiar with Le Center, will spend three afternoons a week in the building, with one of those a longer day that would cross over with Dooley’s schedule.
Other business
The board also approved additional staffing due to the increase in enrollment in the TCU District. 
Preisler said the numbers of students have held steady, and increased, in fact. She discussed adding more sections to the elementary schools to keep the class sizes down. 
Board member Marsha Franek asked if the district has sufficient physical space to accommodate the students when as they progress into the middle school grades. 
Preisler said this is something the board will need to continue to monitor in the coming months. She pointed out that the current 6th grade has 159 students, which is sharp increase from the approximately 115 that TCU graduated this spring.
“We’ll need to do some planning for this,” she said.
Summer Construction
In his report, Facilities manager Dave Peterson updated the board on the construction progress throughout the district. He said the reroofing projects in the 1953 Montgomery building and in Le Center are now complete.
He added that exterior cleanup is also expected to be completed this week in the high school and Lonsdale sites., with ceiling and cabinetry also being received.

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