Things to be thankful for

As the nation reflects on its blessings during the Thanksgiving Holidays, here is a list of things New Prague area residents might be thankful for.

1 - Members of the community can be thankful for a healthy, growing community that is full of opportunities and relatively safe.

2 - Students in the community can be thankful for a strong and dedicated teaching staff, administration and community members who care enough to support the schools both monetarily and through other acts of support. 3 - Those needing medical services can be thankful for a modern hospital affiliated with one of the world’s foremost medical institutions, for two family practice clinics, and for staff members who are well-trained and can help patients in most situations.

4 - Parents can be thankful they live in a community where children are valued, where there are lots of opportunities for activities, whether in the arts, athletics or academics.

5 - Business owners can be thankful for a community that is strong economically, where the largest employer has made a major commitment to expanding and adding more jobs.

6 - Farmers in the area can be thankful that the weather held out and they were able to harvest most of their crops before snow kept them from the fields.

7- Those who are fortunate enough to spend the holiday with family can be thankful for that opportunity, and be thankful for the ways in which family members enrich their lives.

The Times is thankful to you, our readers, as well as to our advertisers, for offering their support throughout the year. Happy Thanksgiving.

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