The Times publishes 202 birth announcements during 2004

The following is a listing of births and adoptions published in The New Prague Times in 2004:

Nov. 1, 2003: Zoe Elizabeth Voracek, daughter of Fritz and Jill Voracek of Lakeville

Nov. 25, 2003: Finley Oliver Vandergriff, son of Will and Kelsea Vandergriff of Anchorage, AK.

Dec. 10, 2003: Isaac Daniel Tupy, son of Daniel and Lisa Tupy of Brainerd

Dec. 15, 2003: Morgan Joseph Masberg, son of Joe and Tricia Masberg of New Prague

Dec. 17, 2003: Jacob William Lee, son of Dustin and Jackie Lee of New Prague; Aidan Thomas King, son of Benjamin and Colleen King of New Prague

Dec. 27, 2003: Rylan Thomas Novak, son of Ted and Deana Novak of Elko

Jan. 2: Adam Joshua Case, son of Cam and Gwen Case of New Prague; Emma Lasch Gullickson, daughter of Dan and Sarah Gullickson of New Prague

Jan. 5: Alexa Rebecca Miller, daughter of Joshua and Shannon Miller of Mankato

Jan. 6: Michael Clayton Lang, son of Michael and Kay Lang of Overland, KS; Madelynne Rose Fechter, daughter of Brian and Lynda Fechter of Bloomer, WI.

Jan. 7: Abigail Marguerite Olson, daughter of Marty and Tricia Olson of Shakopee

Jan. 8: Kira Margaret McAllister, daughter of Shane and Kathy McAllister of Savage; Elaina K. Yoon, daughter of Dr. John and Katrina Yoon

Jan. 15: Sylvia Marcella Croatt, daughter of Chuck and Kate Croatt of Burnsville

Jan. 17: Hallie Rae Tupy, daughter of John and LuAnn Tupy of New Prague

Jan. 18: Madeline May Gallagher, daughter of Jason and Sommer Gallagher of Farmington

Jan. 21: Joseph Ray Maxa, son of Bill and Janell Maxa of New Prague; Isaiah Kenneth Carroll, son of Kenneth and Marie Carroll of Shakopee

Jan. 22: Hailey Marie Dunkel, daughter of John & Michelle Dunkel of New Prague

Jan. 23: Colton John Nelson, son of John Nelson and Melissa Houser of New Prague; Jacqueline Beverly Steen, daughter of Robert and MaryAnn Steen of New Prague

Jan. 25: Matthew Robert Chromy, son of Chris and Jodi Chromy of New Prague

Jan. 30: Avery Grace Solheid, daughter of Kurt and Audrey Solheid of Hudson, Wi

Feb. 4: Luke Lasch Shepard, son of Andy and Jen Shepard of Apple Valley

Feb. 5: Lucia Emma Helgestad, daughter of Jacob and Karry Helgestad of New Prague

Feb. 10: Jillian Michelle Mollica, daughter of Matt Slavik and Michelle Mollica of New Prague

Feb. 14: Brandon Lee Parker, son of Bruce Parker and Diane Brezina of New Prague

Feb. 19: Collin Robert Kukacka, son of Robert and Melissa Kukacka of New Prague

Feb. 21: Madeline Chloe Kempenich, daughter of Chris Kempenich and Megan Buchan of Montgomery

Feb. 22: Keely Marie Hrabe, daughter of Curt and Tammy Hrabe of New Prague

Feb. 23: Krystal Rose Skluzacek, daughter of Michael Wahlman of Richfield and Amanda Wahlman of New Prague

Feb. 24: Sarah Jean Nistler, daughter of Nate and Julie Nistler of Maple Grove

Feb. 26: Benjamin Joseph Tupy, son of Tom and Jacki Tupy of New Prague

Feb. 28: Kaden Jerome Lukkes, son of USAF SSgt. Chad and Kateri Lukkes of Aurora, CO; Austin James Rutt, son of Joseph and Jennifer Rutt of Le Center

March 1: Nolan James Halloran, son of Thomas and Kathleen Halloran of Coon Rapids

March 3: Jerrod Michael Steenhoven, son of Jamey and Julie Steenhoven of Le Center

March 4: Hailey Josephine Kadrlik, daughter of Matt and Candy Kadrlik of Montgomery

March 10: Leo Mathias Jirik, son of Steve and Sadie Jirik of New Prague

March 12: Alex Robert Gregory, son of Dave and Trin Gregory of New Prague

March 15: Madelyn Carole Simon, daughter of Kurt Simon and Tina Aldrich of Lonsdale

March 16: Nicole Ashley Jindra, daughter of Mark and Dina Jindra of Le Center; Elizabeth Marie Taylor, daughter of Nick and Kim Taylor of Shakopee

March 17: Delaney Edythe Claggett, daughter of Steve and Jill Claggett of Andover

March 18: Adam David Hall II, son of Adam and Malissa Hall of Lake Worth, FL

March 19: Benjamin Chad Barclay, son of Chad and Angie Barclay of Jordan

March 21: Wyatt Matthew Barber, son of Matt and Julie Barber of New Prague

March 27: Elizabeth Marie Olson, daughter of Chris and Allison Olson of Apple Valley

March 29: Ian William Thomas Cowley, son of Scott and Allison Cowley of Wake Forest, NC; Madison Jane Wiggins, daughter of Mike and Sherri Wiggins of Faribault

March 30: Jenna Marie Durbin, daughter of Matt and Anita Durbin of Le Sueur

March 31: Emily Grace Maciej, daughter of Ryan and Kelly Maciej of Belle Plaine

April 1: Nora Violet Rosemeier, daughter of Jon and Rebecca Rosemeier of Savage; Evan Milo Anderson, son of Shawn and Tami Anderson of New Prague

April 6: Owen Thomas Havlicek, son of Greg and Stephanie Havlicek of Lakeville

April 9: Mikayla Lynn Bilek, daughter of Mark and Gail Bilek of Farmington

April 11: Gavin David Hollund, son of David Hollund and Kimberly Thomas of Montgomery

April 12: Alexiss Lynn Anton, daughter of Nicholas Anton and Toni Walbridge of New Prague

April 15: Nicholas Patrick Sticha, son of Pat and Janie Sticha of Shakopee

April 16: Breanna Elizabeth Tupy, daughter of Tom and Rebecca Tupy of New Prague

April 17: Stella Kathleen Southwick, daughter of Ryan and Naomi Southwick of Arlington, VT

April 21: Adria Grace Wellinghoff, daughter of John Wellinghoff and Deanna Scheele of New Prague; Logan James Halloran, son of Jon and Heather Halloran of New Prague

April 25: Lauren Paige Houn, daughter of Trevor Houn and Kristi Andreasen of Montgomery

April 26: Hunter Russell Pomije, son of Darin and Julie Pomije of New Prague

April 27: Mitchell Malcolm Krostue, son of Rob and Ann Krostue of New Prague; Owen Henry Hartmann, son of Kevin and Nancy Hartmann of New Prague

April 28: Jaxon John Fjeldahl, son of Jason and Julisa Fjeldahl of New Prague

April 29: Mitchell Lee Kotek, son of Jeff and Tina Kotek of Montgomery

May 6: Brooke Elizabeth Nerud, daughter of Jeffery and Paulette Nerud of New Prague; Daniel Joseph McBroom and Thomas Michael McBroon, twin sons of Joe and Jill McBroom of New Prague

May 7: Hannah Rose Drill, daughter of Steve and Mara Drill of Bonifacius

May 8: Derek Allen Shimota, son of Chad and Shelly Shimota of Prior Lake; Dalton James Eotvos, son of Joe Eotvos and Kelly Meger of Montgomery

May 9: Logan Brent Cory, son of Brent and JeNean Cory of Shakopee; Anna Grace Clausen, daughter of Bruce and Candi Clausen of Shakopee

May 12: Micah David Stephens, son of Josh and Michelle Stephens of New Prague

May 14: Jacob Thomas Malecha, son of Greg and Becky Malecha of Lonsdale; Madison Elizabeth Giesen, daughter of Ron Giesen and Jamie Stolee of New Prague; Madison Irene Villwock, daughter of Jon and Valerie Villwock of Northfield

May 18: Katrina Marie Jirik, daughter of Tony and Pamela Jirik of Prior Lake; Landon Eben Church, son of Bob and Jenny Church of Jordan; Brody Stepan Hertaus, son of Tim and Natalka Hertaus of Forest Lake

May 20: Evan Bennett Montzka, son of Ben and Emily Montzka of Forest Lake; Harland Ray Cox V, son of Debra Pexa and Ray Cox of New Prague; Mikayal Marie Drentlaw, daughter of Jeremy and Anita Drentlaw of Prior Lake

May 24: Drake Thomas Efta, son of Lee and Trisha Efta of Montgomery; Maggie Kay O’Brien, daughter of Patrick and Kristie O’Brien of New Prague; Jarrett Ellis Wood, son of Thomas and Laura Wood of New Prague

May 25: Cameron James Montag, son of James and Coreen Montag of Eldridge, IA

May 26: Ethan Robert Beneke, son of Matthew and Melissa Beneke of Kasson; James Alan Kubes, son of Chris and Michelle Kubes of New Prague

May 30: Madison Elise Dooley, daughter of Dave and Mary Dooley of Lonsdale

June 1: Macy Paige Tietz, daughter of Dennis and Heather Tietz of New Prague

June 2: Cody Robert Jacobson, son of Dan and Tonya Jacobson of New Prague

June 3: Laci Lynn Kratochvil, daughter of Paul and Tyra Kratochvil of New Prague

June 6: Karlie Vanetta Bjerke, daughter of Jeff and Rena Bjerke of New Market

June 8: Seth Timothy Luther, son of Timothy and Tanya Luther of New Prague; Andrew Paul Giesen, son of Joseph Jr. and Linda Giesen of New Prague; Logan Martin Blaschko, son of Jason and Mindy Blaschko of Le Center; Noella Ann Tupy, daughter of Joel Tupy and Sue Klepin of Nampa, ID

June 9: Ellen Marie Skaja, daughter of Mike and Tracy Skaja of New Prague; Cody Jon Sindelir, son of Tim and Darcie Sindelir of New Prague

June 12: Anna Marie Pavek, daughter of Captain Michael and Mary Pavek of University Place, WA

June 13: Ashley Paige Grimm, daughter of Rich and Laurie Grimm of Shakopee; Ashley Christine Donley, daughter of Kerry and Christine Donley of Alexandria

June 14: Alex David Kubes, son of David and Jevgenija Kubes of Farmington

June 16: Mark Eugene Chapman, son of Michael and Carrie Chapman of New Prague; Thomas Everett Ott, son of Michael and Sara Ott of New Prague

June 18: Mary Therese Morris, daughter of George and Mary Kay Morris of Wauwatosa, WI

June 21: Sofia Rita Nelson, daughter of Jacob and Lindsay Nelson of Jordan

June 24: Margaret Dorothy Flicek, daughter of Joseph and Melissa Flicek of Lonsdale

June 25: Nathan Reinhart Tupy, son of Terry and Jenni Tupy of St. Paul

June 26: Edward Richard Sirek, son of Paul and Tammy Sirek of New Prague; Jonathan Ruben Sayler, son of Greg and Jennifer Sayler of New Prague

June 29: James John Cavanaugh, son of Jim and Mora Cervenka Cavanaugh of New Prague

June 30: Evan David Simpson, son of Thomas and Nekaya Simpson of Cloquet

July 2: Noah James Washa, son of Chad and Vicky Washa of New Prague

July 7: Nolan Scott Eischens, son of Scott and Alicia Eischens of Elko

July 8: Madison Marie Nelson, daughter of Dustyn and Chantel Nelson of New Prague

July 9: Thomas Joseph Pexa, son of Tom and Nancy Pexa of New Prague; Melanie Ann Smykalski, daughter of Eric and Christy Smykalski of Le Sueur

July 12: Julia Marie Kes, daughter of Kevin and Melissa Kes of Eagle Lake

July 16: Dylan Andrew Shimota, son of Spc. David and Leslie Shimota

July 18: McGwire Steven Olson, son of Steve and Jenny Olson of New Prague

July 20: Lucas William Hoekstra, son of Bill and Ruth Hoekstra of New Prague

July 22: Jacob Ryder Trnka, son of Steven and Susan Trnka of Lake Crystal

July 24: Hailey Rae Einan, daughter of Nick and Suzanne Einan of Lake Elmo

July 25: Bailey Rose Vesely, daughter of Mike and Diane Vesely of Webster

July 26: Nathan Jack Picka, son of David and Deanna Picka of Annandale; Eric Brian Jahn and Tyler Christopher Jahn, twin sons of Brian and Jill Jahn

July 30: Jadin Joseph Schatz, son of Brian and Jamie Schatz of Cleveland; Taylor Ann Lindblom, daughter of Tom and Deb Lindblom of New Prague

Aug. 1: Jadyn Lea Kelin, daughter of Ryan and Dana Klein of New Prague

Aug. 8: Isabella Rose Nyreen, daughter of Kristopher and Barbara Nyreen of New Prague; Gavin Thomas Villagomez, son of Thomas and Tammy Villagomez of Mankato

Aug. 10: Olivia Nicole Wight, daughter of Patrick and Heidi Wight of Prior Lake

Aug. 12: Joseph Michael Novak, son of Dan and Julie Novak of New Prague

Aug. 16: Blake James Larson, son of Jim and JoAnn Larson of Plymouth

Aug. 18: Jaden Matthew Lang, son of Dave and Christy Lang of Evelth; Colin James Malecha, son of Scott and Sherry Malecha of Lonsdale

Aug. 19: Nathan Scott Meyer, son of Scott and Julie Meyer of New Prague; Katelyn Marie Stanczak, daughter of Dave and Tammy Stanczak of Apple Valley; Max Anthony DeLuca, son of Tony and Becky DeLuca of New Prague; Jack Andrew Kohout, son of Charles and Michelle Kohout of Le Center

Aug. 21: Trent Martin Novotny, son of Gary and Michelle Novotny of New Prague

Aug. 24: Benjamin Timothy Heinen, son of Bill Heinen and Vicki King of Minneapolis

Aug. 25: Owen Milow Bartusek, son of Ronald and Kristine Bartusek of Prior Lake; Carter Robert Pavek, son of Joseph and Sarah Pavek of Montgomery; Hugh Douglas Goggins, son of Patrick and Rita Ann Goggins of New Prague; Lauryn Richelle Leahy, daughter of Mike and Michelle Leahy of New Prague

Aug. 27: Tyler William Giesen, son of Dave and Kerry Giesen of New Prague

Aug. 29: Sarah Jean Herda, daughter of Ron and Kelly Herda of Lonsdale

Aug. 30: Makenna Brea Huber, daughter of Tom Huber and Megan Anderson of Montgomery; Nevaeh Marie Kukacka, daughter of Jesse Kukacka and Tiffney Kohout

Aug. 31: Charlotte Elizabeth Ganske, daughter of Eric and Laura Ganske of Belle Plaine

Sept. 1: Cecelea Renee Sirek, daughter of Jamey and Tammy Sirek of Lonsdale

Sept. 2: Zachary Thomas Roger Sullivan, son of Tim and Cathy Sullivan of Andover

Sept. 4: George Mac Cormack Morris, son of Andrew and Susan Morris of New Prague

Sept. 12: Jackson Randall Sirek, son of Randy and Kim Sirek of New Prague

Sept. 16: Ashlyn Ann Seurer and Drew Glen Seurer, twin son and daughter of Glen and Rebecca Seurer of New Prague; Austin Wyatt Testerman, son of Dave Jr. and Rachel Testerman of New Prague; Elizabeth Alice Odenthal, daughter of Randy and Laura Odenthal of Heidelberg

Sept. 17: Alex James Puncochar and Lauren Kay Puncochar, twin son and daughter of Jim and Chris Puncochar of Lakeville

Sept. 19: William Edwin Snyder, son of Troy and Angie Snyder of Minneapolis

Sept. 20: Derek Joseph Tupy, son of Jeff and Cari Tupy of Prior Lake

Sept. 21: Amber Grace Odenthal, daughter of Terry and Dawn Odenthal of New Prague

Sept. 27: Brooke Evelyn Giesen, daughter of Brad Giesen and Carrie Kukacka of New Prague; Cullen Andrew Kratochvil, son of Andy and Shannon Kratochvil of Nisswa

Sept. 29: Evie Marie Zack, daughter of Dave and Marla Zack of New Prague

Oct. 3: Marissa Irene Kubes, daughter of Scott and Monica Kubes of Belle Plaine

Oct. 4: Rebeca Therese Tupy, daughter of Kevin and Marie Tupy of Burnsville

Oct. 5: Thomas Martin Kubes-Patterson, son of Randall Patterson II and Vicki Kubes of Shakopee

Oct. 6: Alexia Elizabeth Church, daughter of Brett Church and Michelle Hedblum of New Prague

Oct. 11: Gabriella Rose Rutt, daughter of Bill and Sue Rutt of Montgomery

Oct. 13: Ellary Brooke Peterson, daughter of Lance and Tina Peterson of Willmar

Oct. 14: Rhia Ann Krautkremer, daughter of Matt and Denise Krautkremer of Lonsdale; Holden Joshua Wilson, son of Jeffrey and Jennifer Wilson of Algona, IA

Oct. 19: Jordan Joseph Weiers, son of Jeremy and Jennifer Weiers of Le Center

Nov. 4: Kyle Joseph Sindelir, son of Derek and Christina Sindelir of New Prague

Nov. 5: Brooke Marie Hanks, daughter of Darin and Elisha Hanks of Kilkenny

Nov. 6: Coral Leilani Marek, daughter of Rich and Jolene Marek of Pukalani, Maui, HI

Nov. 10: Olivia Beth Ruud, daughter of Ryan and Jennifer Ruud of Savage

Nov. 12: Claire Renee Baribeau, daughter of Robert and Beth Baribeau of New Prague

Nov. 19: Ian Charles Segna, son of Charles and Cynthia Segna of Elko

Nov. 20: Lauren Grace Studnicka, daughter of Thomas and Michelle Studnicka of South Minneapolis

Nov. 23: Reid Francis Miller, son of John and Vicki Miller of Plymouth; Avery Grace Bartusek, daughter of Martin and Rebecca Bartusek of Prior Lake; Abigail Faith Hartmann, daughter of Brian and Lisa Hartmann of New Prague

Nov. 29: Korbin Daniel Schumacher, son of Craig and Kari Jo Schumacher of Waseca

Nov. 30: Joseph James Sumner, son of Joseph and Nicole Sumner of Minnetonka

Dec. 1: Rachel Rose Tupy, daughter of Russ and Debbie Tupy of Muskego, WI

Dec. 6: Jeremy Michael Novotny, son of Jared and Jeana Novotny of Lonsdale; Tyler William Kadrlik, son of Ted and Tami Kadrlik of Montgomery

Dec. 7: Grant Michael Malecha, son of Todd and Kristy Malecha of Lonsdale

Dec. 17: Kiera Jean Priebe, daughter of Thomas and Barbara Priebe of Shakopee

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