Tour shows progress on Wastewater Treatment Plant

Patrick Fisher, Staff Writer

In progress was how senior engineer Jon Peterson of Bolton & Menk Inc., described work on the New Prague Wastewater Treatment Facility to the New Prague City Council during a recent tour of the facility.

Bolton & Menk is the engineering firm in charge of the construction of the new plant, which is being built on 20 acres on the north side of the old facility at 601 12th St. NE. Once the new plant is completed, the majority of buildings from the previous one will be removed.

Ground was broken in September 2008 for the facility, which has an estimated cost of nearly $30 million. To help pay for the plant the city took out a low interest loan at 2.9 percent interest through the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority.

During Peterson's tour on Monday, Nov. 16, he showed the various rooms including where the air scrubbing unit, the mechanical room, the lab area and the office and operation rooms will be located. The new facility will include biological aerated filters, where wastewater will come through and have bacteria remove the waste. That, plus other technologies, will discharge cleaner water from the plant.

An odor control system and bio-solid dryer will also be included in the building. The dryer will remove water from solid waste, which will be turned into pellets. Those pellets, in turn can be used in other ways, including as fuel or fertilizer.

Council member Kay Wilcox asked how long would water take to go through the facility. Peterson noted it would be four to six hours.

You'll be surprised of how it will look when you come back in a few months

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