Volunteers do it from the heart


Being a volunteer helps everyone. The act, generally considered an altruistic activity, is intended to promote good or improve human quality of life. However, in return, this activity produces a feeling of self-worth and respect. Volunteering is also renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun. 
Phyllis Swidorski has been volunteering her whole life. As a board member for Montgomery’s Aging Services for Communities, she sees the need to give of oneself to help another.
“It’s about being able to help someone who need help,” she said. “In many ways, this is something I can do. It’s a source of not only personal satisfaction, but it’s about helping someone who need help in some way. It’s a way for me to contribute.”
Aging Services for Communities provides volunteers to take county residents to medical appointments. The company’s respite volunteers provide 24 hours caregivers a break each week so they can take care of  their own business or just to have personal time away from their charges.
Calling volunteerism “one of the hallmarks of American life,” President Richard Nixon signed an executive order on April 20, 1974, declaring that the week be dedicated to those who give their time to charity.
All U.S. presidents since then have renewed the pledge.
Locally, Aging Services would not be able to do what they do without their list of volunteers, whom they would like to thank:
Rita Medvec, Dianne Peterson, Marilyn Campbell,  Nancy  Sorgatz, Darlene Barnett, Mayonne Stocker, Jill Srnec, Allen Turvey, Georgene Roehmildt, Lois King, Eunice Lueck, Ed Germscheid, Corene Rasmussen, Judy Seljeseth, Sue Forcelle, Sandy Palma, Larry Schutz, Paul Swidorski, Brenda Pederson, Delmar Spitzack, Tom Krenik, Conrad & Michelle Benzick, Margie Mach, Lloyd Rynda, Ken Goettl, Sheila Hyde, Paul Busch, Bette Traxler, Riki Anderson, Bob Collins, Laurie Ayers, Terry McCullough, Bob Block, John Hiscox,, Denise McNamara, Tina Varness, Genna Severson, Judy Anderson, Don & Anna Cook, Neil Rowley, Pat Frana, Al Gilster, Barb Paulmquist, Jon Buck, Deb & Whitney Ashmore, Bill Koness, Steven Sonsteby, Mark Christensen, Kathleen Thompson and Hugo Balk Jr., Sally Pawlak, Phyllis Swidorski, Ron Germsheid, Joe Connolly, Brenda Wondra and Bonnie Sery-Malecha.

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