Walleye opener is here!

It's that time of year again - walleye season.

Unlike last year, ice has left the state's lakes quite a bit earlier and that should warm the water more than last year.

To anglers, that should mean a better bite and definitely make it more comfortable to fish. Walleyes and northerns should be in a good mood to bite. Spawning in most of the state should be done. This should put walleyes in shallow water where they are quite catchable.

Here in the south half of the state I expect walleyes to be quite aggressive. Anglers will probably have good success casting or trolling crankbaits to find the fish. Otherwise, jigs and bobbers would be a good choice to put fish in the boat. In the north, where ice hasn't been gone that long. Anglers may find the fish a bit less aggressive. A slower presentation with a jig and minnow may be a better choice. If you know where the walleyes are, a bobber and leech would be an excellent choice.

If walleye fishing is slow, remember the panfish are eager to bite and that might be an alternative to put fish in the boat.

I was at the cabin last weekend putting in the last few of the neighbors' docks. We found a little time to get out on the lake to fish. We headed for a back bay where I expected the water to be warmer. Just off a shallow point with some remnant weeds from last year, we found the fish. The crappies and sunfish were very aggressive and we caught all the fish we wanted with wax worms under a bobber. We also caught and released some big pike and bass.

Hopefully the walleyes will bite this weekend!

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