Warm weather returns!

Bill Bartusek, Jr., Outdoors Columnist

After a long and cold winter, warmer weather has finally returned.

It seems until this weekend, we hadn't had any 50-degree weather since November 4. That's hard to believe, but I do know the winter was a long one. As soon as this warm weather returned, so did the signs of spring. Robins and cardinals are already singing territorial songs as soon as the sun begins to rise.

The other night we were awakened by a noise. It turned out to be a mass migration of geese flying over in the middle of the night. Geese are also pairing up and soon will start to protect little wetlands as their own. Oh, I'm sure winter is not completely over, but the worst is past.

Hopefully we'll also see a small change in the economy, a positive one that is! In the meantime there is still a ton of ice left on our lakes and that means lots of ice fishing fun. Holes from yesterday don't freeze shut and you don't need to keep warm in a house. You can go from hole to hole and follow the fish. The fish will also start to bite a lot better or they head for shore in anticipation of spring.

Wood duck houses need cleaning from last year and need new nesting material. The ducks are on their way back up north. Also, keep your bird feeders full. We should start seeing some migrants at the feeders and they will be hungry as they migrate north.

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