Weather or not

Minnesotans are dealing with a most unusual springtime weather pattern. The bottom line is, it reallly hasn’t been springlike this spring.

On Friday afternoon I headed out to CreeksBend Golf Club to take pictures of some golfers getting in a round in the snow. I found a foursome - members of the St. Olaf College Golf team, and took some photos.

Exactly 10 minutes later, I was snapping photos about four miles away, on the north shore of Cedar Lake, where there were several ice fishermen in pursuit of crappies. I took the photos from a distance and didn’t get anything I was able to use.

So there, minutes apart, was one group of people who couldn’t wait for spring to arrive, and another that was hanging on to winter as long as they could.

April snow showers, like we are experiencing at press time this week, while rare, are not unheard of. I can remember two memorable April storms. The first was in 1983, and happened sometime around the 15th. I was just out of college and working as a substitute teacher in the Twin Cities. We had a mid-April storm that dumped about 10 inches of snow. I drove to Hopkins High School, where I was scheduled to work, and arrived just as they were canceling school for the day. It was the easiest money I made in my two years of subbing.

The other was in 1997. A huge blizzard hit the Midwest in early April. What was most memorable about that one was how it contributed to the flooding that caused major damage to Grand Forks, ND.

Anyway, cheer up. Spring has to get here soon... doesn’t it?

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