Where’s Waldo, oops, I mean Eddie?

“Where’s Waldo?” is probably a little jealous of “Where’s Eddie?” right now.
I’m talking about Edward Snowden the contractor for the US National Security Agency (NSA) who is currently on the run in the world, facing espionage charges in connection with the revelation he passed to the Guardian news site based on his NSA work. He is charged with theft of government property, unauthorized communication of national defense information and willful communication of classified communications intelligence information to an unauthorized person (ie. the world via the internet). 
He’s globe-trotted from the United States to China to Moscow, and to someplace else (probably Ecuador for asylum) by the time this column is printed.
It is being reported that he’s being helped by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who is also on the run for his own antisecrecy leaks.  
I’ve watched the news reports of Snowden’s hiding and how the world doesn’t really know for sure where he is.
I’ve wondered how he is even able to move from one country to another, and what’s going through his mind. Is he relaxing, having a couple of cocktails in the Moscow airport? Is he updating his Facebook page? 
The whole story is kind of exciting, if you ask me. This is the best espionage/spy/thriller that’s unfolding in front of our eyes.
When it’ all said and done, Eddie’s journey has Hollywood blockbuster written all over it. Unlike a blockbuster, however,  Snowden’s antics are dissolving international relations between Russia, China and the country he ends up in.
Stay tuned. This is far from over, even when they find him.

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