A working vacation

What do you get when you have 5 million paver blocks, 16 truck loads of 8 different kinds of sand, a bossy foreman, and 90 degree temperatures? 

My July 4th weekend. 

We (okay, I) came up with the innocent idea of doing a little beautification of our drab back patio. I was thinking of adding some landscape edging and a flower bed around the boring cement slab. But somewhere along the way it turned into a massive project rivaling that of the Vikings stadium. Loads and loads of materials had to be hauled in and the entire family put in the effort of following Tony’s incredible design. We shoveled, raked, dug, dug some more, put down new sand and spent countless hours helping Tony perfectly place block upon block in the blazing hot sun. It was true family unity in getting it together, and we now have a mostly finished beautiful outdoor space. And some heat exhaustion, sore muscles and sunburn. I always gain a new respect for contractors after one of these intensive projects. They do this day after day. I was never so glad to go back to work in an air conditioned office where I was required only to move my fingers across a keyboard.

I am looking forward to the day I can sit, relax and put my feet up out on our new patio, surrounded by the beauty of all our hard work. Only to look up and notice –– does our house need new siding? (Just kidding, Tony).

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