Your community schools are ready for action

By Dr. Frankie Poplau

Superintendent of Schools

The first day of school is rapidly approaching. There is magic and energy in the air! It is difficult to put into words the focus and anticipation that emerges in the weeks and days of August. The students, their needs, their special talents, their unfolding futures and the possible adventure of sharing each day with them becomes the center of most conversation. Every employee is working and contemplating how their service to these students can be the best ever. They all work here because they simply like kids and as they plan for a fresh start to the year, this passion is most evident.

All of us, community members, staff and parents are very fortunate. As we look at the woes of public education, the challenges kids face in their schools, the increases in crime, drugs and basic immorality and the low test scores; we can smile at the safety and serenity that is the New Prague Area Schools. Our students are special. They have the values and courtesy that put others to shame. They work hard at their studies and they go home to good families. We have kids that test the limits of the rules and experiment with ‘tough talk’ for they are still kids but they are all good kids. We are lucky and the schools welcome them back with open arms.

We are very fortunate. As we look at the woes of education in other communities: declining enrollment, community members who have stopped supporting the efforts of the schools, media that focus on the negative and controversial rather than the pride and success and city or business partners that are at odds rather than joining forces for kids. We can truly smile at the community base we share. It is welcoming and supportive with a vision of excellence that drives the energy in the schools. It gives us what we need when we need it. It values the work we do and truly treasures the gifts of youth. We are very lucky to serve such a community and the schools respond with quality education for your youth!

Thank you parents, for caring about your children, nurturing their talents and strengths, guarding against the temptations of the world and holding us to high standards for the sake of your children’s future. We accept the responsibility for educating your children, for modeling the values and character that will shape the best of citizens, and for recognizing the changes around us and being ready to prepare your children for their future.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we will see you September 1. We will be ready!

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