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Jay Schneider, LifeEnterprise

As I sit at my desk at 7 a.m. Monday morning I started to tear up a bit. One because I was up this early after Bullhead Days and two because of a special event which is about to happen in our family.

The following day, Tuesday, June 15, is/was our son Jayson’s 21st birthday.

There are so many milestones in a person’s life and it seems as if this is one of the last ones which gets a dad a little bit sentimental.

I remember rushing Jayne to Faribault in the afternoon and within no time this little fella showed his face for the first time. Since it was a bit before she was actually supposed to deliver, we realized we had not picked out a name yet.

So when baby was delivered, the astonishment of having a child was put on the back burner for a while since we needed to name him.

I tossed out a couple of family names which didn’t stick. Then the name Jay - son came out. Jay and Jayne both start the same way so we figured Jayson would match the family spelling. We decided to give him the middle name of Jack, the nickname of Jayne’s father.

So we had that taken care of. Shouldn’t be much more to do in the next 21 years.

Like most first-time parents, we had our struggles with this or that, but Jayson was and is such a great kid we never really had much to worry about.

There is so much to recollect in his first 21 years. Just a few of my memories which will never be forgotten, and it is hard to limit it to less than 100.

I remember when Jayne left the house to go out with some friends for the first time leaving little Jayson and I home alone. He was sitting on my lap and we were watching Blues Clues when all of a sudden he turned to me and decided it was time to toss his cookies.

Jayne couldn’t have been gone more than 15 minutes and I had my first drowning of vomit all over me. I felt bad but I did call her and she came home and Jayson and I were sitting in the bathtub, trying to clean up. I don’t exactly remember what Jayne said, but I’m pretty sure she found it quite hilarious.

I remember that first day he was able to walk to the fridge and get me a cold beverage. My sedentary life just got more sedentary. I never had to get up off the recliner.

I remember all the games we went to throughout his elementary and high school days. Little League baseball was always a blast. Basketball tournaments were also very fun. The sports memories are many. We have been lucky enough to watch Jayson and his classmates and friends win many medals and trophies.

But the one thing which I most fondly remember Jayson doing as a student at WEM was performing in the WEMStock performance. This was when our shy son decided to step out of his comfort zone and sing in front of hundreds of people. This one really made me tear up and it does now. Once in a while it will come up on Facebook memories of he and Bladyn Bartelt singing.

I remember the first time he made the A Honor Roll. Proud parent that day!!

I remember being able to hand my son his diploma at graduation. As a member of the WEM School Board I have had the privilege of signing diplomas for years, but this was a bit more special. It wasn’t until his grad party did he realize I didn’t sign my name. I just signed it Dad.

As he now turns into a “man” at age 21 my wife and I couldn’t be any prouder of him. He has been fully employed since graduation, never asks for money (I occasionally ask him though), and is moving out in a couple of months.

The moving out will be an earth shattering event for both Jayne and I. I love chatting with people who are now empty-nesters. There are so many different reactions but I know ours will be sadness. I told Jayne when Jayson brings his first load of clothes home to be washed we need to greet him with a smile and a hug.

I know he will be home less often which brings another tear to my eyes. I guess it doesn’t matter whether you have one child or five children, I think when your children leave for the first time it is a little bit traumatic. Not only for the parents but probably for the child too.

I imagine seeing his smiling face walk through the door and he calling me D A D will be that much more special as his life as an adult continues.

Happy 21st Birthday, Jayson. You will always be our little buddy, no matter how old you get.



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