Celebrate ‘Dad’ this Sunday

Wade Young, Montgomery Messenger

I don’t know when it was, but somewhere between a day old and 33 years old, I learned to appreciate my dad for who he is; not for who I thought he should be. He was a great man, I always knew that. He was a hard-worker, volunteer, and faithful, and devoted husband to my mother.

But the truth is, God knew long before we showed up on this earth that we’d be a family. He knew my dad’s strengths and struggles would one day coalesce to create the man he became until he left the earth at 58-years-old in 1997. It was too short a journey, but one I reflect on every day.

As this Father’s Day approaches, I often think of Dad 23 years after his passing.


I won’t ramble on to what he missed; or what I’d hoped he see and experience with my family. Instead, when I think of him and hear stories about him, I realize my Dad did the best he could with what he had at the time. Like all fathers, myself included, we do the best we can with what we have. Nobody’s perfect.

Twenty-eight years ago this November 9, when they put my first born in my arms, my world changed forever in the most fantastic way possible. The seismic event shifted my priorities from myself to this new human in our lives.

It was amazing.

That feeling happened again one more time, a couple of years later, and again some years after that.

On Father’s Day, I’m not reminded of the ties or gifts I’ve received. Although that’s nice and I won’t turn down a gift, what I love about the holiday is the gentle reminder of the fantastic role that was given to me. I love getting together with the three people who’ve given me one of the best jobs possible.

We Dads come in all kinds. Some are blessed to have their own children, while others bring children into their family. However, there is one thing we all share: No matter what our personalities, gifts, struggles, circumstances … every one of us is called to live in a way God has planned. And when we do this, our families are blessed; communities are strengthened; love is felt; and a ripple effect of goodness happens in the world.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


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