Medallion is found!

Lisa Ingebrand, Montgomery Messenger

The Vosejpka family located the 2019 Christmas Medallion wrapped up in a sock in Northside Park. Pictured (left to right): Ruby, Joy, and Jaxson Vosejpka. (Lisa Ingebrand Photo)

The Vosejpka family found it!

Joy Vosejpka of Montgomery, and her kids, Ruby, 8, and Jaxson, 9, found the 2019 Christmas Medallion wrapped up in a sock at the pump house in Northside Park. 

It was Clue #2 that led them straight to it. 

"We knew it was in a park because of the first clue. Then, the second clue said it was north, so we knew it was at Northside Park," explained Jaxson. 

After reading the clue at Joy's parents' home on Thursday afternoon, December 12, the trio set out to Northside Park to look. Then, just minutes later, they had found the medallion. 

"I was set to bake cookies, but Jaxson wanted to go look for the medallion, so I said, 'Okay, but only for a few minutes,' and that's all it took," Joy laughed. 

Ultimately it was Joy who stuck her mittened hand into a crevasse near the pump house and pulled out a frozen white gym sock.

"I didn't know if it was the medallion or not right away. It was a little frozen, so we had to warm it up a bit to unwrap it," she explained. 

The medallion was hidden inside the wrapped-up sock. 

The Vosejpkas, who have found the Christmas Medallions "a few years" and have also located the Kolacky Days Medallion in the past, earned themselves $100 in Monty Bucks and a commemorative medallion for their most recent find. 

Like in years past, the family plans to donate a portion of their winnings to a local organization or charity. The rest will be used for something fun ... or delicious. 


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