A busy week of news

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

Last week and this week are busy for news and other events. Paging through The Times people can see there was a visit by the Deputy Consul General of the Czech Republic in Chicago, the Home Run Derby, the Henderson Tractor Ride and there’s going to be festivals again after the pandemic put most on pause last year.

Last week I also took time to see Generations Theatre’s production of “Blame it on the Movies.” It was nice to be able to go in and see a live production with singing and dancing. It was something I didn’t see a lot of during the last year.

While watching theater and concerts online or through TV stations work out well at times, the energy and being with other people for the shared experience isn’t the same. There have been times when it’s been close when I’m with other people, who haven’t seen a movie before, but it’s on DVD or someone sharing a show they think others will like. To me it’s the same with sports. Actually being at a game, or watching it on TV with a group and you’re all cheering for the same team is better than watching one by yourself. Frankly, I end up taking a nap when it’s just me, especially if the game is a blowout.

I think this year will be a relearning year for some of us. Getting back to being with more people than just our immediate family or those who we allowed in our close knit social circles. It will take some time and definitely patience for everyone who wants to get out and enjoy festivals. However you decided to do it, either all in or with baby steps I hope you find something you enjoy this summer.



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