Changes in time

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

Time is the one thing that many of us wish we had more of, although in about a week’s, well, time we have two events that deal with the changing of time. Last Saturday was Leap Day, February 29, that one extra day in February that only happens every four years. As someone once put it if we didn’t add that one day every four years our calendars would eventually not making any sense. After a century our calendars would be off by 24 days. Another person joked that it could mean celebrating holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and the Fourth of July in completely different seasons. Although it would take that century of time for that to happen.

The other change in time occurs this Saturday, March 7, with the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. That day when we set our clocks ahead by one hour so we can move time around. Years ago I remember one radio announcer joke he was just going to move his clock ahead one minute for the next 60 days so he wouldn’t disrupt his sleep that much. That’s one way to adjust for the loss of sleep, but I think you would be late for everything for about two months.

I think most of us have heard people say we don’t need Daylight Saving Time anymore so we should just leave the clocks alone. According to one theory if we stayed on Daylight Saving Time all year, we would have later sunrises in the winter. On the flip side staying on standard time all year would eventually mean the sun would set earlier in the summer. So, it depends on what would you prefer for your day. Do you like more sunlight in the evenings for summer or would you be craving more of it in the morning in the winter months?



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