Creative spirits

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

There have been many changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many activities that several creative spirits have decided to put their own spin on. There have been parades for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Recently people have been holding their own versions of the State Fair. There have been games and food patterned after the ones their families would find at the annual “Great Minnesota Get Together.” For those who miss their annual snacks from the State Fair there was the recent parade at the fairgrounds where orders of snacks were brought out to their vehicles. Some festivals have had online events or a few small in person activities.
While some of these events have been to help businesses survive, others have been to help people experience a little normalcy or to give their spirits a lift during the pandemic. The first is important, we do need our businesses to get through this year when it’s been tough for them financially. We need them to continue so they can provide jobs and contribute to the economy of their communities. The second reason is just as important as people need to socialize in some way. They need to feel they are part of something. Very few of us can actually just cut ourselves off from everything and everyone. We need that social interaction even if it’s small doses at times due to the pandemic. Whether it’s a small gathering of friends for a little cookout or just a quick stop at a local cafe, we do need to be out and about instead of at home all the time.
That being said, we have to remember it’s best to be responsible about how we gather. Packing 75 people into a space meant for 50, even if it’s outside might not be best for everyone.



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