The end of summer and beginning of fall

Patrick Fisher, The New Prague Times

The time has come again, another turn of the seasons as we see summer begin to fade away and fall arrive with a burst of colors. The leaves on trees are turning a bright red, yellow or orange. Some trees are just getting hints of those autumn colors with more green standing out, others give a hint of that change and then seem to don their fall wardrobe the next day. In the fields where there is still corn, the stalks are either a yellow or a gold. The grass that was a dark green a few weeks ago is now turning a lighter shade as it prepares for the slumber of winter.

Around the area some people are preparing for winter in their own way. There are home gardens that are being harvested with households busy with canning of vegetables or the drying out of apples. There are still a few grills going with the last BBQs of burgers, brats, hot dogs, chicken or summer time favorites. Other people’s tastes are turning toward soups, chili or recipes for the slow cooker so there will be a warm meal waiting at home with not as much of the work. Treats that go with the season are caramel apples, the best ones are those that have a sticky crunch to them. Others are turning their thoughts to warm drinks. There is hot cider, tea or, a favorite of many, pumpkin spice to help warm a person from the inside. Personally this last Sunday I was thinking of a mug of hot chocolate.

Toward the end of October there will be Halloween, which some people are already planning to keep as normal as possible. I’ve seen and heard of other people who will make a few changes, a cup of candy left out for those out trick and treating or a pipe decorated in orange and black to slide treats to children. What the rest of Halloween is like we shall have to see.



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